Gone are the days when wearing braces meant a long-term commitment of over two years. Thanks to the Newhart Digital Orthodontic System™ (NDOS™), the experience has been completely transformed. With our innovative technology, you can achieve outstanding results in less time.

The NDOS™ utilizes digital analysis and 12-week appointment intervals, Time Release Arch Wires™, and lighter forces to minimize discomfort and accelerate tooth movement. This means fewer appointments and shorter treatment times for you.

Our advanced system ensures precise and efficient orthodontic treatment. Through super accurate bracket placement and NDOS™ technology, we have maximum control over tooth movement, saving you valuable time. The Time Release Arch Wires™ deliver constant and gentle forces, allowing your teeth to move accurately into their target positions. We refer to this approach as High Resolution-Low Force Orthodontics™.

With the Newhart Digital Orthodontic System™, you can expect to wear braces less, require fewer office visits, experience reduced discomfort, and achieve high-quality results.